A Full Service Trout Farm and Hatchery

Trout Deliveries

Trout deliveries are made year-round. During the spring, our specialized delivery trucks are on the road daily, delivering trout for pond stocking throughout New England and New York. Trout orders are received by phone, fax or mail. If spring delivery is required, orders should be placed early, well in advance of the first deliveries when the pond ice begins to melt. Deliveries are coordinated to serve as many customers in an area as possible each day of the spring delivery season, so placing early orders may preclude the necessity of a special delivery and higher delivery charge.

Generally, at other times of the year, deliveries can be scheduled at any time with sufficient notice.

Our Trucks

All of our delivery trucks are specifically equipped to safely transport trout to customer's ponds throughout the Northeast. A 1998 Kenworth is our largest truck. It is equipped with a 5 compartment, insulated stainless steel transport tank; aerators in all five compartments; liquid oxygen; and its own generator. Additionally, each of the 5 compartments can be divided in half to provide greater flexibility. Carrying loads are generally 2500-3000 pounds of fish. We use this truck to travel throughout New England, New York and Quebec. It is also available for hire transporting.

A 2002 International serves as our mid-sized truck and is equipped identically to the Kenworth, but with a smaller tank. It generally carries loads in the 1200 pound range. Our smallest truck, a 1994 Ford Super Duty, carries an aluminum tank with four individual compartments and aerators. It also has the capability for oxygen hookup.

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