A Full Service Trout Farm and Hatchery

Trout Pickup

Many customers enjoy dropping by the Hy-On-A Hill Trout Farm to pick up their Trout straight from the source. Trout under eight inches in size may be picked up at the farm by customers who wish to transport their own. We package small trout in oxygenated, plastic bags which customers can easily carry to their ponds. Early, rather than later spring self-transporting is recommended while the water is still cold.

Each Spring, in early April, we schedule a specific Saturday for customer Pickup Day. Customers are welcome to drop by between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to pick up their trout, tour the farm, or fish in our well stocked private pond. Our 2024 Customer Pickup day is scheduled for Saturday, April 13.

Customers are also welcome to come by any other day of the year, but please call for an appointment to insure someone will be there to meet you.

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