A Full Service Trout Farm and Hatchery

Pond Services

A well maintained Trout Pond is very important for raising healthy Trout. Hy-On-A Hill Trout Farm is able to offer the following pond maintenance services:

  1. Monitoring:  Our monitoring service checks ponds for the major critical features for raising Trout: Oxygen; Carbon Monoxide; pH; temperature; salinity; lead; mercury; hardness and alkalinity.  This service can be performed as part of a regular monitoring program or as a one time service check.  Historical information is kept in our files.  Charts and graphs can be provided to the owners and serve as a basis for recommendations for action.

  2. Aeration Systems:  Aeration, especially during hot, sunny periods, will oxygenate, circulate and cool the pond water, decreasing the opportunity for algae to occur and helping to minimize summer and/or winter kill issues. We can come on site and completely install aeration systems for your pond.  We are a distributor for aeration systems from Kasco Marine Inc. and can supply and install other brand name products.