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Hy-On-A Hill Trout

We hatch 150,000-200,000 Brook and Rainbow Trout annually which are raised to stocking sizes from 6" to several pounds for Trout Clubs, Derbies and Private Ponds throughout New England and New York. In 2006, we started to raise Brown Trout which are available in limited sizes. We hope to have a broader range of sizes of Brown Trout available in the coming years as we grow our inventory.

Disease Free:  Hy-On-A Hill Trout Farm is certified as a Class A Disease Free Hatchery. Disease free fish are very important to you as a trout customer. Diseased fish are less likely to survive and reproduce through stressful periods caused by high water temperature, water turbidity or an imbalance in water chemistry. Therefore, one of our goals has been to supply our customers with trout that will be strong and healthy in order to better be able to combat the above and other stressful situations.

Since the early 1980s, our trout have been health inspected on an annual basis for viral and bacterial pathogens by an approved laboratory using the "Blue Book" criteria from the American Fisheries Society. No pathogens have been detected at our facility for several years, qualifying us for the coveted "Class A" status indicating a succession of at least three clean health inspection reports.

Nutrition:   Our fresh, farm raised trout can also be an important and healthy part of your daily nutritional requirements. Click Here  to learn more.

Which Species to Choose for Your Pond:  Choosing the species of Trout to stock in your pond depends on several factors based on pond environment and personal preferences. Visit our Which Species To Stock page for information on which species of Trout to stock in your pond.